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Barracuda Backup

Archimedes Technologies is a Value Added Reseller of the Barracuda Backup solution.

Backups can be cumbersome and expensive. Tapes can be lost, stolen, and degraded. On-site backups can be damaged or water logged. Software solutions can be difficult to manage and vendors difficult to work with. There are also employee concerns where an employee can remove data before leaving a position.

We use Barracuda Backup every day:
  • An application causes an SQL database to be corrupt – covered
  • An employee quits and deletes all their files and email – no problem
  • A power failure corrupts the hard drive – got it backed up
  • A storm floods the server and you need to relocate – restored
Barracuda Backup provides a local and encrypted cloud copy of your data. Barracuda even ships the copy to a second data center for redundancy. The solution uses data de-duplication for size and cost savings. This means that if a file hasn't changed, it doesn't back up. That saves time and money. Using advanced rules for data scheduling, retention and file watching Barracuda makes sure you don't miss any data.

Concerned that a cloud solution may impact your internet connection? Don't be - the Barracuda solution uses advanced networking menus that allow you to set the data rate. Want to send backups to the cloud at full speed on the weekend, but only a few MB during the day? Barracuda can do that and more.

Barracuda backup supports Microsoft Exchange, MS-SQL and even workstations with no additional charges for software. The local copy allows a restore to imedes Technologies, LLC

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