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Netgear ProSecure

We use the ProSecure STM and UTM series of Web and Email security appliances for a client's where security is paramount.

Tired of your employees using Facebook or Youtube? Turn it off. Are you afraid of getting a virus by going to an infected web site? Worried that employee's personal email may infect your network? Not anymore.

The ProSecure STM/UTM appliances use a Patent-pending Stream Scanning Technology. There is no store, scan and forward on these units. Rather as information, email or web traffic, is received it is scanned without delay. We have seen this technology is not only fast but also allows a significant savings on server AV tool. The AV on your server doesn't have to work as hard when the STM or UTM is online.

The STM appliance sits behind your firewall and before your main switch. This creates a secure scanning path for Exchange servers, web traffic, personal POP email and SMTP traffic. The unit can work independently or integrate to your domain using LDAP. The UTM replaces your existing firewall. It provides the same level of security and since it is at the network's edge intrusion protection as well. Both units are flexible enough that you can program web access by user, deleting categories or only opening general web surfing at lunch for instance. Security and productivity wrapped into one.

Netgear ProSafe

We have worked with multiple firewall and switch vendors, but we only sell Netgear. Netgear gives us a constantly improving firmware over the life of the model. Their VAR support is US-based and gets us directly to Level II for any question. The equipment is solid and the programming is flexible.

Netgear has a switching and firewall solution for every size business. From unmanaged to Smart Switches, to fully Managed, Netgear has a size and model that is right for your business. Netgear's ProSafe VPN firewalls provide the connectivity needed for the branch office without user-based software. The multi-WAN capability in these firewalls allows the business to use multiple ISP connectivity. This provides better office uptime. Netgear wireless products provide solid wireless coverage at wireless N speeds.

If you want to augment your security, look at Netgear's STM and UTM line. The STM behind your firewall provides SPAM and Virus protection as well as employee web control. The UTM line provides intrusion protection plus SPAM and Virus protection while replacing the firewall. You can find more information on our Netgear's Prosafe STM and UTM models here.

Netgear works through their partner system to support their warranties. Don't be fooled by grey models from non-partners on the web. Work with a Netgear Value added Reseller to get the full value of your purchase. Archimedes offers the full Netgear line at competitive pricing.

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